Everyone Can Draw Their Dog With Molly & Maud

United in their love of drawing and passion for dogs, Denise and Wendi enjoy nothing more than helping people tap in to their creativity, even if they don't realise they have any! Like handwriting, they both believe drawing has many styles and can be so much fun once you gain a little confidence by learning some of the basics. Also that being creative allows you to express yourself and gives a real sense of achievement. This is a light hearted and fun day, suitable for all levels, but most especially beginners. In a relaxed and supportive environment you will learn how to use charcoal and chalk to create a finished head and shoulder portrait of either your own dog, or a dog breed of your choice. Once you grasp the amazing tips and techniques taught on the day, you will leave equipped and ready to take your ability forward, putting all your fantastic new skills into action, drawing any subject you like. Wendi Weller is a Print and Textile Artist based in her Studio at Maple Barn Pebworth. Denise Liebermann is a Textile Sculpture based at her Studio in Marlcliff. Both have many years of experience across a multiple of artistic mediums and most recently have been combining their talents to launch Molly & Maud Dog Drawing Workshops as well as high quality prints and cards from their contemporary and quirky dog portraits. The day will begin with lots of warm up drawing so you are nicely prepared, and confident enough to settle into your main drawing. Denise and Wendi will draw along with you, explaining each stage step by step. All materials needed within the day are included, as well as light lunch, tea, coffee and delicious home made afternoon cake.

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August 11,2022
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